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100% of your Bleuet Entrepreneur Giving Gift purchase goes to support their non-profits. You get code for 30% Off your next Bleuet order plus a free Scrunchie for Good.

Bleuet Giving Gifts
Our Bleuet Entrepreneurs' Non-Profits
Founder: Hailey O'Donnell
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Founder: Rachale Rosenberg
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Founder: Khloe Thompson
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Meet our Bleuet Entrepreneurs

Our goal is to empower and support young female entrepreneurs by supporting their passion, vision, mission and business.

Hailey's Haven

Supporting Foster Girls in Need
Mission Driven Apparel
Investing in Teens

We invest in teens through our Bleuet Entrepreneur initiative, partnering with teen entrepreneurs and supporting causes that give everyone more - more opportunities, more voice, more say, etc.

Better Options for All

We believe teens deserve better age-appropriate options when it comes to undergarments for their growing bodies. They don't need lingerie, they need Bleuet.

Protect Women in Fashion

98% of the global apparel industry is women, and they do not earn enough to meet their basic needs. This is unacceptable, and we demand better wages and working conditions for them.

Reilly Cate Thompson assembling a care package for her non-profit the Trium Tribe. Showing love to children with Down Syndrome

Trium Tribe

Showing love to children with Down Syndrome


We are so thankful for the Teen Bags! We have had so many youth that are grateful for all of the items that are placed in the individual bags.

J. S. DCPP Caseworker

To make the world a better place, by showing ALL of my neighbors that they are loved and cared for, no matter what their situation is.

Khloe Kares
Rachael Rosenburg sitting against a wall in front of her Bundles of Kindness. Rachael is a Bleuet Girl and started the non-profit Bundles Kindness to support individuals experiencing homelessness in LA.

Bundles of Kindness

Care packages given with love to our neighbors in need

The Bleum Bra makes her feel grown-up and has helped provide self-confidence. 

Sarah M.

My daughter loves this and cannot stop wearing it. It has given her a beaming boost of confidence

Rachael D.
Khloe Thompson and Bleuet Girl started the non-profit Khloe Cares to help feed families who are food insecure.

Khloe Kares

Filling a Community Fridge for the Food Insecure
Eva Thompson is holding her Sun for Good cards designed to to help kids deal with stress and anxiety .

Sun for Good

Helping girls reach their full potential
Inaya in front of her care packages for families experiencing cancer. Inaya is a Bleuet Girl entrepreneur

Inaya Inspires

Creating Care Packages for Families Experiencing Cancer
Nylah is a Bleuet Girl who started The Nourished Girls Project to Inspiring and empowering pre-teen/teen girls to live their joy, be confident kindness-activists

The Nourished Girls Project

Inspiring pre-teen and teen girls to live their joy, be confident kindness-activists