We designed our girls bras, first bras and camisoles to be tag-free with minimal seams in ultra-soft fabrics to ensure girls with sensory issues have the perfect fit.

Is it time for her to wear a bra?

Designed to give comfort & confidence as she grows up
It might be time for her to wear a bra if….

You notice her “budding” (when the breast buds out from underneath the nipple. It looks like a knot under the nipple) and it’s evident that she needs extra coverage under her shirts. Otherwise, no more white tees. 

She notices. She has become self-conscious of her growing breast buds poking through her shirt.

She has tenderness in her breast area. This happens as they start to grow. Her breast buds may be tender to the touch.

She feels too much jiggling and wiggling. She plays sports or other high-impact activities and experiences discomfort from her breasts moving and/or nipple chafing.

Her friends are wearing them. She asks for one even though she doesn’t need one. Her friends may be wearing them, and she wants one, too.

Experience Bleuet
Gather a group of your friends with daughters or let us help you connect with others in your town or online
Make Her Feel Treasured

Each shipment is beautifully packaged and includes a card and extra gift for her.

Girls first bras, girls organic bras, girls sustainable bras and girls tencel bras
Designed for Her

Responsibly made. Ultra-soft, seamless, tag-free.

Free returns and exchanges
Her Favorite Bra. Guaranteed.

Wear it. Love it. Want a different style? Not the perfect fit? Returns & exchanges are free.

A few things to remember….

It seems like she needs a bra, but she’s only 7. It’s totally normal! The average age that girls begin wearing a bra is age 11, but some need one as early as age 7.  If she is on the younger side, she may be more comfortable wearing camisoles under her tops first.

Lopsided? It seems like she has one breast bud only on one side. It’s common for one side to grow faster than the other or for one side to begin growing before the other one. Know this is all completely normal. 

They come in all shapes and sizes! All girls will develop breasts at a different pace and in a different shape.

She’s got your eyes and your boobs (or your mom’s or mother-in-law’s). Whether she starts developing early or late, her breast size is dictated by her genes. If she’s worried, be sure to tell her that her breasts won’t be huge just because she developed early! And it goes the other way if she’s a late bloomer.

Finding Her Perfect Fit

Place a tape measure around the largest part of her chest to obtain her bust measurement. We follow standard sizing for tops, so if your girl wears a size 10, she’ll wear a Bleuet size 10 .

Note the Bleum Racerback Bra has a built-in shelf constructed with a thicker underlying fabric for extra support & coverage, which will fit more snug to the body.

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She loved how soft they were and how the band was designed for comfort. She loves the little pin y'all sent along, too. Thank you for making our first bra a fun and confidence-building experience!!

Suzanne, TX

She loves the fun colors and that it’s reversible. She also says how comfortable it is, and I love the coverage! Her Bleuet is really giving her a fun confidence through it all! We will for sure be buying more!!!!

Sarah, TX