Khloe Kares

Our mission is to support the homeless community by supplying women experiencing homelessness with a custom “kare bag”. These bags are filled with over 25 bare necessity items we use on a daily basis. We use our platform to inspire and motivate other youth to be change makers by hosting leadership workshops to equip young people with the tools they need for leadership. Lastly, once a year we install water pumps and bathroom facilities in Ghana in schools with no access to safe clean water. 


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About Khloe:
I am a 13 year old international philanthropist. I started my career at the age of 8. I noticed a woman who was homeless on my way to school and she was out there daily. This made me ask my parents why she was out there and “how does one become homeless?” Once I learned about homelessness, I knew I wanted to help her. At the time, my grandma was teaching me how to make shoulder bags and tote bags. Instantly, I knew this could be something I gave to the woman by my school. I came up with a list of items that I thought she may need. My grandma and I made 25 bags so we could fill them with hygiene items. We put a call out on social media that I needed donations. Soon we had enough to fill the 25 bags. We named the bags “kare bags” and once we filled them up. I was ready to pass them out. We kept the bags in our cars just in case we ran into anyone that was homeless. I looked for the lady by my school and gave her a kare bag. Her name was Michelle, she was the first person I handed a bag out to. She is the reason why I started my charity Khloe Kares.

I went from passing kare bags out around my city to Los Angeles to San Francisco, and even to New York. My bags have been all over the United States. In addition to supporting the homeless community, I’ve been able to travel all over the world speaking about what I do here in Los Angeles. One of my coolest opportunities has been my contribution to Ghana. I was invited to speak in Ghana. I knew it was important to do more than just speak in Ghana. I wanted to leave an impact there. I did some research to find out what was needed in that country and water was one resource that they were lacking. I decided that I would raise funds to install a water pump and bathroom facility for schools that don’t have access to safe water.

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