Trium Tribe

The Trium Tribe exists to show love to children with Down Syndrome who are facing life-altering experiences. We started out by sending welcome home baskets to children with Down Syndrome and cancer, and then expanded to send comfort baskets to children with DS and cancer and children with DS who have had open heart surgery. Each of these programs focus on a different aspect of a Down Syndrome diagnosis that can be challenging- medical conditions and societal misconceptions.
The baskets for children with cancer, called the "All for Indy Comfort Baskets," are in honor of a little girl named Indy Llew Jones who recently passed. The baskets for children having open heart surgery are called,  Mighty Micah's Heart Warrior Baskets," and they are in honor of a little girl named Micah who has is continuing her fight for a healthy heart.


About Reilly Cate: 
Reilly Cate Ferguson, a high school student turned disability advocate and nonprofit founder of The Trium Tribe. Throughout the years, I have been able to volunteer with numerous local organizations that work to enhance the lives of people with Down Syndrome, and my life has been impacted for the better because of all of the friends that I have met here. When I learned about the thousands of children with Down Syndrome who are abandoned just because of their diagnosis, I knew that I had to help. My friends with Down Syndrome were so amazing, and I needed the whole world to see it. I started The Trium Tribe by sending out a welcome home basket to a baby girl with Down syndrome who had just been adopted from Ukraine, and the rest is history!