Meet Inaya

Inspiration is a spark that gets our brains going. It excites us and makes us determined to do a thing we love to do. Photography is my inspiration. My name is Inaya Premji. Photography was a newfound hobby that I got into in May of 2020.

Inaya Inspires: 

Our mission is to make care packages with these journaling cards for the children who have families suffering from cancer and need some uplifting as I did.  We have already received great feedback from families who see their kids so happy that they are seen and heard.  With your support, we will continue to give proceeds to our partner non-profit and make more care packages.

Website: Inaya Inspires

About Inaya: 

After everything shut down due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I became isolated and didn’t have anyone to talk to or anything to do. I saw one of our beautiful yellow flowers on the dining table and took a picture. Then, I experimented  with the colors and shades. This simple picture led to another, and another, and another until I was taking pictures of nature wherever I went. My pictures helped me find a project to work on while we were in quarantine. I began taking pictures and editing them in my spare time. Later on, after we made a website for these pictures, we started making cards. These cards have one of my pictures and a quote on the front. These cards are journaling cards to help you release all the stresses, good things, bad things, or maybe even surprising things that happened throughout your day.

I figured that these cards would not only help me, but other people as well that are having a harder time or more stressful life than I am. We began placing these Journaling Cards in foster care packages and human trafficking relief packages to help others focus on the positive things they experience instead of the negative ones. We came up with the tag name, Inaya Inspires because I want to inspire other people to strive for what they believe in and push to do what they love. We donate proceeds we earn to a non-profit called Send A Smile Today. It is a non-profit business that makes cards for cancer patients to help them feel like there is still hope. My mom and I partnered with them in honor of my grandfather who passed away from cancer in 2018. In 2020, we decided to use my photos to give back.