Young girl looking anxious about buying her first bra or training bra Model confidently wearing a white ultra-soft and seamless Bleuet Bleum active sports bra. View from back

Buying Your First Bra

Don't Worry, it's normal. You got this!
Finding the right first bra for you

A first bra should provide a comfortable layer under you top to make you feel:

Supported - While you might not have much there, you’ll still want to find a first bra that offers support and helps you feel comfortable doing a wide range of activities. Breasts are often tender as you grow, so you might notice some discomfort and the support from a first bra will help you. 

Covered - You want to find a first bra that offers good coverage. Many first bras on the market are just one thin layer while others have two layers.

Confident - You want to feel confident with whatever you wear (even in white t-shirts or thin tops), and a first bra will help if you are feeling self-conscious about her new breast growth. Also, a training & first bra should be designed for your age. Lots of padding isn't needed yet! 

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Illustration of a girl thinking about how to find her perfect first bra
How should a bra fit?

Whatever first bra style you choose, the band should fit comfortably around your body. It should feel snug, but not too tight.

If the straps dig into your skin or the fabric flips up at the bottom, then your bra size is too small. If the straps are too loose or the fabric is gaping at the sides, then the bra is too big.

To find your size, place a tape measure around the largest part of your chest to obtain your bust measurement.

Feeling embarrassed about bra shopping?

Purchasing bras online is the perfect way to avoid the awkwardness of bra shopping. You can try bras on in the comfort of your bedroom. 

Give this milestone the moment it deserves and feel celebrated by receiving a special package with your first bra. 

Your Bleuet First Bra Experience
First Bras Re-Imagined

Bras that move with you in whatever activities you do. Everyday bras that you can wear for dance, yoga, sports, gymnastics, theater, cheer, etc. 

Our Bleum bras for girls are made of lightweight, breathable performance fabric to keep you comfortable and confident as well as cool and dry throughout the day. 

Our everyday bras will give you the confidence + comfort that you need for each day. After all, we don't want any itchy, scratchy, uncomfortable bras holding you back.

You've got this one! 

Girl in a ponytail wearing a pink Bleuet Bleum ultra-soft seamless girls first bra and training bra in a garden view from back.  Girl in a ponytail wearing a pink Bleuet Bleum ultra-soft seamless girls first bra and training bra in a garden view from back.

Bleum Bras

Ultra-Soft, adjustable and lightweight bras. Your perfect first bra.


These bras are the softest and they don’t have the traditional bra look or feel to them which I like for my little, big girl. It makes it easier on me when she still looks like a little girl and not a little woman...yet.

Kristy, TX

She loves her new bra! It’s the most comfortable article of clothing that she owns & doesn’t want to take it off.

Audra, CA
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Bleuet (Blue-ay) is french for cornflower, and our aim is to offer bras, camisoles and active wear designed specifically for girls to give you comfort and confidence.