Bundles of Kindness

I create and distribute care packages that will be given to people in serious need. My goal is to produce and continuously distribute individual packages that I have named “Bundles of Kindness”, that will include many items needed by someone who is homeless. I have some of those items listed on my website, and welcome additional items that would be helpful.

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Meet Rachael Rosenburg

She started and leads an non-profit organization called “Bundles of Kindness”.

According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, in 2018 alone, over 50,000 people have been homeless every day in Los Angeles County.

From Rachel: 

For the last four years I have witnessed too many homeless people to count. I’ve seen men, women, children and families who are battling with homelessness. Up until now, I have made many small efforts to help the homeless by personally giving them snacks, preparing sandwiches for them with my synagogue and even packaging full meals from my family kitchen.

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We met Rachael last month at an event, and I was so impressed with her heart for the homeless in our city.