Types of Girls Training Bras

Bleuet girls training bras

Looking for girls training bras?

You are in the right place! Bleuet makes ultra-soft, comfortable girls' training bras. We found the softest fabric to protect sensitive skin and sensitive breast tissue, which happens as girls develop. 

When is it time for my daughter to wear a training bra?

It may be time if:

  • She has started developing breast buds, which can happen as young as 7. Breast buds can be sensitive, and she may want some coverage and support to prevent soreness from movement and bumps that come with an active life.
  • She may feel self-conscious about her breasts showing in shirts and want an extra layer under her tops.
  • She may want one for changing in the locker room for PE at school.
  • She may want one if her friends have one.

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Types of Training Bras

  • Bralettes - Traditional straps without fasteners (see picture). May or may not have adjustable elastic -  Bleum Bra or Bleum Neutral Bra in Bamboo Each Bleuet girls' training bra is reversible and comes in two fun colors. Pictured here is our most popular bundle of three, Pastel Bleum Bra Bundle, white, pink / toffee and sherbert / blush. 
  • Tank Bra - Wider straps like a tank top, no adjustable elastic or fasteners. Ideal for kids who do not like elastic / extra sensitive skin - Aster Organic Tank Bra
  • Sports Bra / Racerback - Racerback or sports bra style offers more support for running, jumping, dancing, etc. Some girls just find sports bras more comfortable and opt to wear them daily. Typically no fasteners and no padding - Bleum RacerbackBleum Active Bra, or Aster Organic Racerback Bra
  • Bralette with Padding - As breast tissue grows, girls often want more coverage and support. Pads may be sewn in or removable. Bleum Petal Bra or Iris Bra

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