My Daughter Won't Wear a Bra

Bleuet training bras for girls

"My daughter won't wear a bra." "She refuses to wear the bra I bought her."  "I'm tired of fighting the bra battle everyday."

We have heard all of these complaints & are here to help! We've been helping parents win the bra battle since 2019 💪

Our super soft, comfortable bras have been winning over the bra haters and the super sensitive. Many parents tell us that they have tried many brands before finding a solution with our bras. Our Bleum Bra and our Aster Bra are the two most popular styles for those that can't stand the feel of bras. Be sure to go up a size for the most sensitive. Also, if our bras don't work, we make exchanges very easy and provide free shipping for returns and exchanges.

Here's how we helped this one brave warrior mom:

"The Battle is Over!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! My daughter is nearly 11 years old and needs ‘support’ but bra shopping has been the biggest battle in our lives!!

Ever since she was little she has suffered from undiagnosed sensory processing disorder. Her entire wardrobe consists of tank tops, flowy skirts and sandals. Clothing is a necessary evil.

After too many unsuccessful trips bra shopping in stores and sinking hundreds of dollars into shirts and bras she ‘liked’ at the store but hated when we got home. I searched online for “bras for sensory processing disorder”.

Bleuet was the god send we needed. We purchased this bra (Bleum Bra) and she loves it!!! I have never had to remind her to put it on. I love how it rides high and gives her a layered look. It’s super soft for her and thick enough to support the ‘girls’.

We just placed our 2nd order and I’m praying that after wearing these for a couple years she’ll be used to the feeling of wearing a bra so much that transitioning to a traditional clasp style won’t even phase her. Thank you again Bleuet!!!!!"

-Sarah R.

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