Video: Training Bras Explained

Video: Training Bras Explained

 What is a Training Bra? And What Does it Actually Do?

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Training bras. What are they? And what do they actually do??

Training bras are designed to gently support and help young girls just get used to the feeling of wearing a bra. They should feel super comfortable and provide a little extra coverage under tops. They are created  to build confidence in growing girls as they go through the process of developing breasts. 

There are a few different kinds that your daughter can wear:

  1. First, is a bralette that is soft, comfy, dual layer bra with adjustable straps. Example: Bleum Bra
  2. She could also wear a tank bra that has no elastic straps like this one. Example: Aster Organic Tank Bra
  3. Some girls like to wear more of a sports bra (show racerback bra).
  4. Also, some may want some light padding like this one. Example: Bleum Petal Padded Bra

Get her involved and show her the different styles & colors to find one that gives her comfort and confidence. We’re here to help if you have any questions! 

 Drop any questions that you may have about training bras and make sure you’re following along to learn more!

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