How Do You Measure for a Training Bra?

how do you measure for a training bra

So it's time for a bra? Here is how to measure your tween for a bra. You'll need to grab a tape measure as we always recommend using one to find the best fit.

FIRST: You need to determine the band size. To do so, measure under the breasts around the ribcage. This should be a snug measurement where the bra band lays. If your tween or teen is sensory sensitive, you may want to size up for more comfort.

SECOND: You need to determine the bust measurement. To do this, measure around the fullest part of your chest across the nipple line. You don't want to measure too tightly against breast tissue. 

THIRD: Look at our size chart to find the right size. Click here for our size chart

Already know the band and cup size? 

Scroll down on our size chart to find the ladies' equivalent sizes. 

My daughter is between sizes, which one should I choose?

We ALWAYS recommend sizing up if your tween or teen is between sizes.

I can't determine the right size as her bust size is larger than the range of the band size.

If this is the case, subtract the band size from the bust size. The difference between the two will determine cup size. Here is how you can determine the cup size:

Difference between bust & band             Cup Size

1"                                                                   A

2"                                                                   B

3"                                                                   C

4"                                                                   D

5"                                                                   DD / E

6"                                                                   DDD / F

Currently, Bleuet Bras can accommodate up to a C / D cup. We are working on new styles for larger cup sizes and hope to have these soon.

What if I don't have a tape measure? 

You can go by their top size. For instance, if your tween wears a size 10, then order a size 10 bra.

How should a tween / teen bra fit?

The band should fit comfortably around the body. It should feel snug, but not too tight.

If the straps dig into the skin or the fabric flips up at the bottom, then the bra size is too small. If the straps are too loose or the fabric is gaping at the sides, then the bra is too big.

Do any of your bras fit differently?

Yes! Our Aster Bras are more snug, so definitely size up if there is a question on sizing. Our Bleum Racerbacks are also slightly more snug. Our Bleum Neutral Bra in Bamboo tends to run slightly bigger.

What if their Bleuet bras don't fit?

We make exchanges and returns extremely easy and we cover the cost of shipping. Here is the link to either exchange or returns bras:

What if I have more fit questions?

Reach out to us at or send us a Facebook or Instagram message. If during business hours, someone is typically there to answer your fit questions. If not, we will respond within 24 hours. 

For more information on buying a first bra, Buying Your First Bra.

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