Best Training Bras | Bleum Bra Receives "Best Training Bra for Girls and Teens" from Huffington Post

Bleuet Best Training Bras For Girls According to Reviews

Hooray! The reviews are in, and we made the list of "Best Training Bras for Girls and Teens, According to Reviews" by The Huffington Post! 

Our best-selling first bra, the Bleum Bra, has received rave reviews from customers over the past few years. We always recommend the Bleum Bra as a starter bra for tweens or teens looking to buy their first bra, but it is also the ideal everyday bralette. It's so soft and comfortable that folks of all ages are purchasing it! 

Here are some of our training bra reviews:

"My daughter loves these bras. We went through so many different brands kinds before we found these. So soft and comfortable!"
-Jessica H.
"My daughter was having a hard time finding a comfortable training bra that wouldn't ride up all day long. Not only do these stay put, but these are so soft she sleeps in them." 
-Cheri M.
"My 11-year old has resisted wearing a bra until her bras from Bleuet arrived."
-Jennifer G.
"I've had a hard time finding a bra that my daughter actually likes to wear. I've spent money on several different brands and she refuses to wear them, but with Bleuet, she is in love! She says it's super comfortable and doesn't bother her to move freely during her daily activities."
-Jenny R.
"Blown away!! These are beautiful bras! Great coverage, soft fabric and she feels confident in it. The quality is great! Plus it's reversible!"
-Cyndi P.
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