Bleum First Bra Bundle - Save 15%
Bleum First Bra Bundle - Save 15%
Bleum First Bra Bundle - Save 15%
Bleum First Bra Bundle - Save 15%
Bleum First Bra Bundle - Save 15%
Bleum First Bra Bundle - Save 15%
Bleum First Bra Bundle - Save 15%
Bleum First Bra Bundle - Save 15%

Bleum First Bra Bundle - Save 15%

Regular price $66.00 Sale price $56.10 Created by a Mom. Responsibly Made.

You notice her “budding” and it’s evident that she needs extra coverage. 

It's time for a Bleuet First Bra.

We know she will love it!  Bundle and save 15%. Plus you want have to do laundry every night or worry it is in her gym bag.

  • Double-lined for smooth coverage
  • Reversible: two colors in each bra!
  • Adjustable straps for the perfect fit
  • Minimal seams and tag free for comfort
  • Performance, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Ultra-soft and stretches to fit her growing body

She notices. She has become self-conscious of her growing breast buds poking through her shirt.

She has tenderness in her breast area. This happens as they start to grow. Her breast buds may be tender to the touch.

She feels too much jiggling and wiggling. She plays sports  and experiences discomfort from her breasts moving and/or nipple chafing.

It's a Moment.  Make her feel special at a time when growing and changing can be hard.

Packaged for Her.  Every Bleuet order is beautifully packaged and her first order includes includes hair ties, an enamel pin, and a note just for her. 

    Don't see her size? Check back soon. We believe that girls' bodies are unique and are striving to offer sizes for all girls. 

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    The Bleuet Experience
    Gather a group of your friends with daughters or let us help you connect with others in your town or online
    Make Her Feel Treasured

    Each shipment is beautifully packaged and includes a card and gift for her.

    It's in the Details

    Responsibly made. Ultra-soft, seamless, tag-free.

    Discover Our Why
    Her Favorite Bra. Guaranteed.

    Want a different style? Not the perfect fit? Returns & exchanges are free.

    Find her Perfect Fit

    We combine age-appropriate dual-layer reversible design with ultra-soft performance fabrics to give her an extra layer of coverage and support.

    Plus, Bleuet apparel is ultra-soft, breathable and moisture-wicking to avoid embarrassing sweat marks to give her the freedom to learn, play and create. 

    Free Returns & Exchanges
    Your Returns Give Back

    We know you might order the wrong size, discover she loves lilac, or it's just too soft? Don't worry,  your lightly worn returns are not headed to a landfill.

    They are inspected, washed and sent to Hailey's Haven to give a girl in need comfort and confidence. 


    The goal with Bleuet Girl is to empower and support young female entrepreneurs by supporting their passion, vision, mission and business.

    We are especially excited to support ideas, entrepreneurs and female founders whose ideas combine a mission with business through social entrepreneurship.  

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