Welcome to Bleuet


I am so grateful you are here! Together, let’s equip all girls with confidence and knowledge as they grow so they can power our future world.

Our goal with Bleuet is to design apparel including bras, camisoles, undershirts and underwear to give your daughter confidence in her growing body and the freedom to do what she loves. 

Bleuet apparel is designed to be:

  • Age-appropriate
  • Fit her changing body
  • Simple, versatile & comfortable 
  • Moisture wicking to prevent embarrassing sweat marks

I believe that empowering your daughters as they grow up is more important than ever!  Whether it is connecting with other parents or equipping you to navigate the next couple of years, I believe that we are in this together.  

I look forward to connecting with you online and in person to navigate this journey together! 

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CEO / Co-Founder