We are continuously working to introduce sustainable fabrics, packaging and processes across our business. We are not there yet.

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Bleuet News

Bleuet News:

5.21.20 - Bleuet Introduces Bleumer Tumber Shorts for Tween and Teen Girls

Offers protection from "oops" moments; Allows girls to live & play with comfort + confidence.

12.22.19 - Bleuet Girl: A Better Bra For Tweens & Teens, A Day in Motherhood

11.8.19 - Bleuet Introduces "Scrunchies for Good"

Scrunchies made of excess fabric from Bleuet apparel help someone in need, support a girl entrepreneur and reduce waste.

10.21.19 - Help Build Girls Self-Confidence with Bleuet, Family, Love & Other Stuff

10.2.19 - Bleuet Introduces This Bra Gives Bleum Bra in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

15% of Each Pink Bleum Bra for Tween & Teen Girls Purchase Donated to Susan G. Komen Treatment Assistance Fund.

9.24.19 - Bleuet Debuts Age-Appropriate, Comfortable Undergarments for Girls

Bleuet provides apparel, resources and community to support parents and empower all girls to be their unique selves as they grow. 

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