Resources For You

We are so glad that you joined our movement! 

Fueled by the collective wisdom of parents and experts, we designed this collection of journals, worksheets, and parenting guides to help equip you to empower your daughters to become strong, confident and kind girls. 


Girls & Their Big Emotions

A parent's guide to helping tween & teen girls manage their emotions. 




Naming Her Emotions Worksheet

Empower our girls to name their emotions; help them take responsibility for their emotions and help them practice positive emotions such as gratitude and happiness



List of emotions words

Emotions Vocabulary Worksheet

Help your girls name their emotions to practice positive emotions 



Daily Gratitude Downloadable Worksheet

Daily Gratitude Worksheet

Practice gratitude everyday with our simple daily gratitude worksheet. 



Teaching Girls to Embrace Imperfection Downloadable e-book


Teaching Girls to Embrace Imperfection

What can we do as parents, relatives, caregivers, educators, etc. to embrace imperfection? Here are a few tips.



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