Cheer Bras for Girls, Teens, and Tweens

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The world of cheerleading is where physical performance meets style. The power of a cheerleader is in her strength, confidence, and passion, and Bleuet understands this better than anyone. For this reason, we've created a line of cheer bras that embody these principles, fitting seamlessly and rendering support through various routines and movements. 

Our Cheer Bras 

Crafted with love, understanding, and a good measure of fashion sense, our cheer bras are more than just a product. They represent a step towards empowering girls and fostering their self-esteem. These bras aim to provide the right kind of support where needed most. We focus on comfort without compromising on style, a delicate balance that has become our signature. 

All our bras are designed with young bodies in mind, paying attention to their development and need for a comfortable fit. For example, our 'Bleum Bra.' It's made from breathable cotton and is ideal for younger girls transitioning into womanhood, as it provides a snug fit that neither restricts movement nor causes discomfort. 

For tweens and teens, the 'Bleuet Cami Bra' is a staple for any cheerleader. This cami-style bra is made from stretchy, eco-friendly fabric and provides the right support while still being soft and comfortable for all day wear. The extended length offers extra coverage, giving your girl confidence for her ever-demanding cheer routines.

Then there's our 'Bleuet Racerback Bra' – a favorite of many active teens. This bra provides the additional support needed for rigorous cheerleading sports. Thanks to its racerback style and secure yet comfortable fit, this bra is ideal for layering under uniforms or tees, perfecting all-day comfort.

Importantly, at Bleuet, we recognize that every girl, tween, and teen is unique. Our range of cheer bras is expansive, accommodating different tastes, needs, and sizes. Each bra in our collection is designed to support girls in their journey to become strong, confident women, one cheer at a time.


Being a cheerleader is about more than just the cheer; it's about being part of a community, a team. It's about a young girl’s confidence that comes from knowing she’s supported by her fellow cheerleaders and what she wears. We are here to provide the latter support. At Bleuet, our cheer bras are here to make the journey easier, more comfortable, and more stylish. Simply, we're proud to be part of a young girl’s cheer journey.