Create a Holiday Mixtape

Bleuet Holiday Mixtape
Music. It’s a connector of people. It holds the key to memories. It can make you feel. And especially this time of year, it brings great joy in the company of family & friends.
This season, our theme is “Be Present” and what better way to be present than to sing along & dance to a holiday playlist you create with your family. She won’t remember the presents, but she’ll remember her time with you.
Because one day, she’ll be on a plane or in her car or in a store and a song will come on, one that you sang & danced to when she was young, and she will think of you. She’ll go right back in time & remember how she felt in that joyful moment. For music has a way of reaching a deep place in your heart and hers, and can bring those memories to the surface. And there it will stay, always.
So come together with music this holiday season & join our Holiday Mixtape fun. Click here for the instructions.
Happy Thanksgiving! 

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