The holidays are really about presence and time with loved ones

Lost amongst the school performances, holiday parties, year-end deadlines, and holiday shopping is simply the time to be "present."

To encourage time together, we thought it would be fun to bring back the mixtape! Remember when we used to make those?? So why not play our holiday mixtape (digital playlist) game with her??

Here's how it works: your Holiday mixtape will center around songs that connect with "Presen(ce)ts &  Time". It can be song titles, lyrics, moments, feelings. You can interpret that theme any way you want. Scroll down to read the rules to read more about how to play.

Listen with Her. Listen to Her.

Bleuet Mixtape Theme
Presen(ce)ts & Time

It all seems just Yesterday, she was your little girl. She won't always stay Forever Young, and tell you When I Grow Up I will be a scientist, a doctor, or a dancer or artist. Time after Time she told you that All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth? She is growing up and you have had Good Times, Bad Times, and you will both look back to the Glory Days.  

Cherish this time and the Memories and take lots of Photographs. Create experiences, listen together. Someday she will say Thank You, but this year She Wants a Hippopotamus for Christmas.

Create Your Mixtape - Presen(ce)ts & Time

Snuggle up on the couch, huddle around the kitchen table, roadtripping? Brainstorm your songs for YOUR mixtape playlist around the theme, Presen(ce)ts & Time. 

Discover & Create

It's simple. Search "songs about" on Spotify or Google for a little inspiration. Create a your playlist on Spotify, Youtube or Apple Music. 

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You Bleuet returns are donated to Hailey's Haven to give a foster girl in need comfort and confidence

Listen with her. Listen to her. Submit your playlist below. Post to Instagram or Facebook with the #HolidayMixTape

How it Works (Don't Worry It's Simple)

1. Get together with her (it's fun with a group: parents, siblings, grands, friends)

2.  Brainstorm, research, chat, & discover songs 

3. Be creative (It's more than just song titles. It's lyrics, memories, feelings). 

4. Each person involved picks 1 song for YOUR playlist per turn.

5. Create your playlist on Shopify, Apple Music or YouTube

6. Share! Submit your playlist link below. Post to social & use hashtag #HolidayMixtape

9. Listen!! Enjoy listening to your playlist throughout the season. Listen to ours (Bleuet Mixtape on Spotify).

Discover, Create & Listen
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Listen with Her. Listen to Her.
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Well, we cheated! Holiday presents, remember that time and so much more.