We invest in girls to enable them to live, play, and create.  Equipping them to be strong, kind and confident.

We believe all girls deserve more

More confidence. More options (especially when it comes to undergarments). More say. More opportunities.
Purpose Driven Apparel

We believe girls deserve better age-appropriate options when it comes to undergarments for their growing bodies. They don't need lingerie, they need Bleuet.

We invest in girls through our Bleuet Girl program, partnering with girl entrepreneurs and supporting causes that give girls more - more opportunities, more voice, more say, etc.

Bleuet Girls

98% of the global apparel industry is women, and they do not earn enough to meet their basic needs. This is unacceptable, and we demand better wages and working conditions for them.

Investing in Her

The goal with Bleuet Girl is to empower and support young female entrepreneurs by supporting their passion, vision, mission and business. We are especially excited to support ideas, entrepreneurs and female founders whose ideas combine a mission with business through social entrepreneurship.  

Meet Hailey & Rachael

Bleuet Girl is designed to reward girl founders and entrepreneurs.  Bleuet Labs winners have the opportunity to have their products and services featured in our Bleuet Girl shipments.
Designed for ALL GIRLS
Our Sizing & Design

We believe that girls bodies are unique. We believe that their apparel should give them both comfort & confidence. We strive to offer sizes for all girls. 

We will be introducing new sizes & range of nudes across our collections. 

Scrunchies for Good
Minimizing Waste

Instead of creating more apparel waste that heads straight to a landfill, our super soft Scrunchies for Good are made with love out of the excess and unused lightweight, performance fabrics from our Bleuet apparel.

Supporting Girl Entrepreneurs

With each Scrunchie for Good purchase, $1 per scrunchie will go towards a supporting a girl social entrepreneur starting with Hailey's O’Donnel who launched Hailey's Haven. 

Free Returns. No Questions Asked.
Returns For Good

We know you might order the wrong size, discover she loves lilac, or it's just too soft? Don't worry,  your lightly worn returns are not headed to a landfill.

It's washed, inspected and sent to Hailey's Haven to give a girl in need comfort and confidence. 

Role of Women in Apparel

Fashion employs 45 million women worldwide, and most of them cannot meet their basic needs. They are also particularly susceptible to low wages, excessive hours, and exclusion from the formal economy.

Responsible Manufacturing
Our Approach

We are investing in working with the best factories in the United States and around the world.  We strive to ensure that our manufacturing partners offer a fair and sustainable wages, reasonable hours and a safe working environments.

We believe in working with manufacturing partners that offer fair wage, safe working environments and programs that support 98% of workers that are women.
Samples of the fabrics and colors in our Bleuet apparel.
Minimizing our Impact

Our goal is to minimize our environment impact by designing our Bleuet apparel with sustainable and organic fabrics. 

We are not there today.  Scrunchies for Good begins our journey to minimize our impact transition to more sustainable designs in 2020.