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Purpose Driven Apparel

We believe girls deserve better age-appropriate options when it comes to undergarments for their growing bodies. They don't need lingerie, they need Bleuet.

We invest in girls through our Bleuet Girl program, partnering with girl entrepreneurs and supporting causes that give girls more - more opportunities, more voice, more say, etc.



98% of the global apparel industry is women, and they do not earn enough to meet their basic needs. This is unacceptable, and we demand better wages and working conditions for them.


From our Bleum bras to our Bleum camisoles, we combine dual-layer reversible design with ultra-soft, breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics to give you an extra layer of coverage and support.

Minimizing our Impact

Our goal is to minimize our environment impact by designing our Bleuet apparel with sustainable and organic fabrics. 

We are not there today.  Scrunchies for Good was a start & our upcoming Aster & Iris bras is the next phase our journey to minimize our impact transition to more sustainable designs in 2020.

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