Talking with her

Over the course of the next several months and years you will be confronted with many changes as your daughter grows up.  At trueli we want to equip you with community, content and knowledge to empower your daughter as she grows up. 

Empowering her and you as she grows ups.

 What you should be talking about with her. 

Your early bloomer: Buds, Breasts, & Bras oh my!!

You remember the “early bloomers” in your 5th grade class. These girls had the first curves, the first bras that EVERYONE noticed….especially the boys.

Yesterday’s early bloomers are today’s average girl beginning puberty. The American Society of Pediatrics has recently estimated that approximately 15% of girls are starting their periods at an earlier age and beginning the first state of puberty as early as age 7.  

But why? How can this be?

Closed doors, hysterical crying and uncontrollable anger!

Do you find yourself arguing over the appropriate attire for school picture day? Wonder why she is crying over seemingly silly things?  Now you may feel that simplest question may set-off hysterics, slammed doors and uncontrollable anger.

Is this the new normal?

Friends, tribes, frenemies and the evolution of her friendships

As your daughter transitions to adolescence and a tweenage, her relationships will shift and change at a pace that might feel overwhelming and may create more than just a couple of hurt feelings and uncomfortable school yard conversations.  

You are not alone!  

She’s not your “little girl” . . . . she is enough!

After almost 20 years of observing young women, author Rachel Simmons believes that girls today are plagued with harsh, inner critics coupled with an intense fear of failure. Even though girls can achieve more today than ever in our history, they are feeling overwhelmed with thoughts that they will never be enough - pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, popular enough, etc.

What can we do about this?

I need HELP with giving her “The Talk”!

You’ve been dreading it. You know it is time. But you don’t know what to say.

Your Tribe is hear to help you!

He sent you what? Boys, porn and its impact on her!

Remember the good ‘ole days where Playboy and Cinemax were considered ‘hard core’ pornography?  Today, kids have free access to terabytes of on-demandstreaming hard core pornography in their pockets and backpacks, and its impact on their relationships and expectations of girls is well-documented and undeniable.  

Let’s talk about that . . .!