Sisters² 4 Kids’

Sisters² 4 Kids’ mission is to help ensure that every child has art supplies and at least one book of the VERY OWN!  Nearly 1 in every 7 children do not have a single book of their very own, or any art supplies to call their own.  Art and reading inspire creativity and imagination, which is an opportunity every child should have access to!  Sisters² 4 Kids provides at least one age appropriate book, and numerous art supplies to kids. They also provide art supplies and books to many after school programs.  


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About Ally & Lizzy

Ally & Lizzy are 14 year old twin sisters, who are passionate about giving back to the community they live in, and passionate about reading & art! They love spending time and doing anything with their family (including 2 dogs, Molly & Charlie,) and going on adventures with their friends.  They are proud Girl Scouts, enjoy all things outdoor, getting out of their comfort zones and trying new things, reading and anything related to arts/crafts! Lizzy is a competitive dancer, and Ally an all-star cheerleader/gymnast. They both love to golf and snow ski. They strive daily to lead by example, and make a positive impact on those around them.  


Sisters² 4 Kids History

Since Ally & Lizzy were young, they have had the opportunity to use their birthday party as a way to give back to their community.  They asked for donations for a specific cause, instead of birthday gifts, and their friends and family were always so very generous.  It had always been a wonderful way for them to celebrate turning a year older! 

During the pandemic, they realized their way of collecting donations was not sustainable, so decided to start a non-profit that would be able to impact others in their community, across Arizona and beyond! They decided to focus on art supplies & books, after they heard about how many children do not have any art supplies of their own, or a book of their own.  Art and reading have always been such an important part of their lives, so they wanted to make sure every kid had these same supplies of their own. Art and reading inspire creativity and imagination, and everyone should have this opportunity! From this came Sisters² 4 Kids, a unique non-profit (registered 501c3 program) where these sisters can help kids with imagination and creativity!