Scrunchies for Good

Sustainable Design.  

Instead of creating more apparel waste that heads straight to a landfill, our super soft scrunchies are made with love out of the excess and unused lightweight, performance fabrics from our Bleuet apparel.

Supporting Girl Entrepreneurs

With each Scrunchie for Good purchase, $1 per scrunchie will go towards a supporting a girl social  entrepreneur starting with Hailey's Haven. 

“When we invest in women and girls, we are investing in the people who invest in everybody else. ”

- Melinda Gates

Girls Helping Girls
Hailey's Haven

Hailey’s Haven is more than just a bag.

Each book bag is picked out by Hailey and other teens and includes the essentials they feel are needed to support the mind, body and spirit of another teen during the difficult transition from their home into a foster home. 

Mission-Driven Apparel
Investing in Girls

We invest in girls through our Bleuet Girl program, partnering with girl entrepreneurs and supporting causes that give girls more - more opportunities, more voice, more say, etc.

Better Options for Girls

We believe girls deserve better age-appropriate options when it comes to undergarments for their growing bodies. They don't need lingerie, they need Bleuet.

Protect Women in Fashion

98% of the global apparel industry is women, and they do not earn enough to meet their basic needs. This is unacceptable, and we demand better wages and working conditions for them.

Mission Driven Apparel
Your Returns Give Back

We know you might order the wrong size, discover she loves lilac, or it's just too soft? Don't worry,  your lightly worn returns are not headed to a landfill.

They are inspected, washed and sent to Hailey's Haven to give a girl in need comfort and confidence. 

Free returns and exchanges
Tread Lightly
We must do better

Clothing has clearly become disposable. As a result, we generate more and more textile waste.

Scrunchies for Good is our first step in re-shaping how we produce and manufacture Bleuet apparel. 


The inside is SO soft and the outside keeps sweat from being absorbed into the fabric and instead wicks it away. Wow. I'm seriously obsessed with these.

Nichole, NV

She loved how soft they were and how the band was designed for comfort. She loves the little pin y'all sent along, too. Thank you. 

Sarah, TX