About Us

Discouraged by the experience of trying to find age-appropriate and comfortable bras and underwear our tween daughter helped us realize that growing girls like her need more options for apparel  as well as tools to be more confident in their growing bodies.

Her overwhelmed parents, Elizabeth and Bill Rietz, realized that they needed more information, support, and community engagement as their daughter began her transition to adolescence. With their combined background in marketing and product development, they established Bleuet to equip girls and their families through this stage of their development.

In starting Bleuet, their vision is to empower marginalized girls and women by investing in their future with education and mentorship.

Powered by the collective wisdom of parents and experts, we are currently building a network of pediatricians, therapists, nutritionists, parenting experts, life coaches, teachers, etc. to provide parents with information to help you build a stronger connection with your daughter and encourage her to live with confidence as she grows.

We'd love to hear from you!  Please contact us at info@bleuetgirl.com.


Liz & Bill