About Us

Discouraged by the experience of trying to find age-appropriate and comfortable bras and underwear for our tween daughters helped us realize that growing girls like them need more apparel options, especially underwear as well as tools to be more confident in their growing bodies.

We realized that they needed underwear and activewear designed for their lives and their bodies. We wanted to design apparel that allowed them to play, learn, sweat and compete with both comfort and confidence.  We designed Bleuet for her, and believe that at this stage of her life she needs Bleuet, not lingerie. 


We want to give you Our Why:

We believe that all girls deserve more.

More confidence.

More options (especially when it comes to undergarments).

More freedom to do what they love.

More say.

More opportunities.


And we want them to see that they really are more.

More than what they see in the mirror.

More than how much they have.

More than what grades they make.

More than the number on the scale.

More than the number of likes.

Our business exists so they will be more and see more.


In starting Bleuet, our vision is to empower marginalized girls and women beginning by working with the best factories in the United States and around the world that strive to offer a fair and sustainable wages, reasonable hours and a safe working environments.

In addition, we launched Bleuet Girls is to empower and support young female entrepreneurs by supporting their passion, vision, mission and business. We are especially excited to support ideas, entrepreneurs and female founders whose ideas combine a mission with business through social entrepreneurship starting with Hailey's, Hailey's Haven and Rachel's Bundles of Kindness. 

We also realized that we needed more information, support, and community as our daughters began their transition to adolescence. We established Bleuet to support all girls and their families through this stage of their development.

Our purpose goes beyond apparel. Our goal is to support her and all parents to raise strong, confident and kind girls. 

We'd love to hear from you!  Please contact us at info@bleuetgirl.com.


Liz & Bill