Meet Nylah

The Nourished Girls Project (TNGP) Mission: is to inspire and empower pre-teen/teen girls to live their joy, be confident kindness- activists and know that anything is possible when you dream big!

TNGP believes in giving back to others who are making a difference in the world. TNGP gives back to Girl Up Initiative Uganda’s Adolescent Girls Program (from our card deck sale profits) and has a scholarship fund for our academy. We are always exploring world changer organizations to give back to!

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About Nylah & The Nourished Girls Project:

Nylah is a 12 year old middle school student who is passionate about helping others and making an impact in the world. She is the Co-Founder of The Nourished Girls Project. She was just nine years old when she first started working on TNGP with her mom. It all started with an inspired idea to empower girls like her to be the world changers they are and always will be! That idea turned into a movement reaching girls globally with our card decks, academy and summer camp.

Nylah believes that anything is possible when girls come together to live their joy and dream big in an empowered and inspired global community! Nylah helps lead virtual empowerment workshops for girls ages 9-14 in our global academy. She is also the co-creator of the Nourish Me card deck. A 52- card deck set full of inspiring messages and art work created in a partnership with 16 pre-teen girls.




Fun Facts About Nylah:

I wrote TNGP’s anthem called “Your Path”. I write songs that inspire other girls to follow their passions and never stop dreaming. I love songwriting, theater, hanging with my dog, running and I’m fluent in French. I love spending time with my family! They are what make all of this possible!