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Whew! It is not easy to raise a strong, kind and confident girl in today's world. So let's help each other along the way.

We've created tools, journals, worksheets, and resources to help support you through the ups and downs of puberty.  We hope you find them useful. We are in this together! 

I'm Bored

How many times have you heard this from your girl this summer? I find that the "I'm bored" is a mid-summer anthem when kids seem to think they've run out of everything there is to do. .

So we've created a 2-page list of activities to inspire your bored one at home. 

20 Ways to Connect with Her

As your sweet girl morphs overnight into a surly, self-centered, crazy being, keeping the connection can seem like a challenge. She may seem like she doesn't need you, but in reality, she needs you more than ever.

Here is a list of ways to maintain the connection with her:

Need to establish screentime rules?

We've created this guide to help you and your family discuss technology and create your own list of family rules. Go ahead and download and we hope it helps you!

Practicing Gratitude

It's a simple New Year's resolution. Use this card to encourage her to practice gratitude.

Daily Check-In

Use this card to check-in with her daily emotions. Download our Emotional Vocabulary to help her identify her feelings. 

Emotions Vocabulary Worksheet

Help your girls name their emotions to practice positive emotions.

Table Talk

Create a new way to talk and connect with her. Download our table talk cards to encourage her to be kind, confident and strong.

Girls & Their Big Emotions

A parent's guide to helping tween & teen girls manage their emotions.

Naming Her Emotions Worksheet

Empower our girls to name their emotions; help them take responsibility for their emotions and help them practice positive emotions such as gratitude and happiness.

We believe that ALL girls deserve more.

More confidence.  More options (especially when it comes to undergarments). More freedom to do what they love.  More say.
More opportunities.

Teaching Girls to Embrace Imperfection

What can we do as parents, relatives, caregivers, educators, etc. to embrace imperfection? Here are a few tips.

Back to School Checklist

If you are planning to go back-to-school shopping or want to assess your daughter's current wardrobe and school items and/or need to get your head back in the school game, I created the below checklist for myself and wanted to share it with you.

Is your girl prone to negative thinking?

Has her confidence dipped lately? If so, it is possible that she is struggling with distorted or unhelpful thinking patterns like magical thinking or overgeneralizing.  Here is a list of practical definitions and tricks to help her think more positively

Her Perfect First Layer

You notice her “budding”. She has become self-conscious. She has tenderness and feels too much jiggling and wiggling.  It's time for a training bra. Or is she doesn't want a "bra" our dual layer camisoles are perfect option!

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Daily Gratitude Worksheet

Practice gratitude everyday with our simple daily gratitude worksheet.

Resources for Her

With Mental Health Awareness month, we wanted to provide some helpful resources since it's important to consider mental health as a part of her overall health as she grows. (These are for informational and entertainment purposes only, please seek licensed professional medical assistance)

Summer Screen Rules

When kids are home during summer, screens are like a tractor beam pulling kids into the digital abyss. Am I right?! So having some screen rules are a helpful way to keep them from consuming your girl.