Designed for Comfort, Confidence & Recovery  

We know that clothes, especially bras, can be itchy, scratchy, and even annoying for t(ween)s with sensitive skin.  

From our bestselling Bleum bras to our organic Aster bra, our bras are designed . . . .

“During this time (radiation treatment), the ONLY brasI have been able to wear are the Bleuet bras. They are the only ones that don’t irritate me, and I even have been sleeping in them.”

-Sophie P.


"Most bras—even those designed for flat breast cancer survivors—are uncomfortable because the elastic band and straps trigger pain from the nerves that were damaged when my breasts were removed. But my Bleuet active bra is absolutely the best and the most comfortable I’ve tried. The elastic is light. The fabric is wonderfully very soft. The straps don’t bind or irritate my very sensitive left armpit where I had lymph nodes removed.   It actually feels fantastic. And I’m just so grateful. You have no idea how challenging it can be as an adult flat woman to navigate wardrobe needs. Thank you so very much!”

-Rene M.


“This is the bra that I have put on every single day that I have been sick. It’s so comfortable!”

- Madison A.



Designed for Comfort & Confidence

Our Designs

Our Bleum and Aster bras are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.

Designed in ultra-soft fabrics with minimal seams and tag-free, we promise it will be "the best bra ever" and you may even sleep in it.

"Finally a comfortable bra made for growing girls! Bras are annoying, they can be too tight, itchy, and a hassle with clasps. But not these! It's so soft, I wish I had one! . . Absolutely love and will buy many more!"

A Soft Recovery in Bamboo

Our Bleum Neutral Bras in Bamboo are super soft, comfortable, and light. Created for the most sensitive and ideal for your recovery from a double mastectomy or post-radiation treatment.
Made with the softest bamboo fabric free of seams and tags, so they won’t irritate your skin.

Soft Support for Activities

Our Bleum Active Bras offer soft, comfortable support for getting back into activities. Made of soft, moisture-wicking performance fabric with optional cross-back straps. Available in neutral and bright colors and reversible with adjustable straps.

From band size 22 - 40 with coverage and support for AA - C cups

Our Fit & Sizing

We offer sizes from 8 - 22 and support for AA - C cups.

We promise it will be your new favorite bra. If not, don't worry. Returns and exchanges are free!

A Bra for Lounging Around the House

Our Bleum Cami Bra is a super comfortable, longer line bra made of buttery soft fabric. It’s the bra you want for lazy days lounging around the house. Made with soft-againist-the-skin fabric for all-day comfort secured with a light elastic band and adjustable straps.


"My granddaughter is autistic and doesn’t have the dexterity needed to properly put on other brand bras. We’ve tried dozens of types. Your bras make it easier for her to put them on herself, tag less for comfort and the material is soft to the touch. The band is wide enough to grab onto and pull bra in place"

"Thank you so much! I never thought my 11 year old with ASD would be able to wear a bra, but she will wear this one! Your return policy is also very awesome and you make returns/exchanges easy. "

"These are just the most comfortable and amazing bras. My daughter has a lot of sensitivities to fabrics and doesn't like to feel constricted with her clothing. If she enjoys wearing these bras and feels like she doesn't even notice she's wearing it, then this is an amazing product. I recommend it to all our friends!"

Our Recovery Bras


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