Reversible Bras for Girls, Teens, and Tweens

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For some teenage girls, each month comes with changes that need to be embraced rather than ignored. One of these requires them to embrace training bras, preferably those she can evolve with on her journey through puberty. A slam-dunk approach to training bras is Bleuet’s reversible bras. These bras are designed to provide girls, teens, and tweens with support and comfort as they explore their worlds, discover new passions, and express their individuality. 

The duality of Bleuet’s reversible bras reflects the dynamic personalities of these growing women. On one side, she’ll enjoy a playful, vibrant hue, and on the other, a calm, neutral shade. Hence, Bleuet’s reversible bra is not just a bra; it's an expression of your girls’ feelings as they navigate puberty. 

Moreover, designed for girls, tweens, and teens, these bras accommodate the changes your girl’s body goes through during these transformative years. They provide gentle support without underwires, letting her move freely and confidently. No matter if she’s acing a test, scoring a goal, running track, or hanging out with her friends – she can trust her Bleuet bra to get her through.

Crafted with super-soft, hypoallergenic, breathable fabrics, our bras are seamless and as comfy as your favorite tee. These two-way color reversible bras are also void of tags and itchy seams that make the wearer queasy and uncomfortable. At Bleuet, we understand that confidence begins with comfort. For this reason, our reversible training bras are so cozy; she might even forget she’s wearing one. 

Through our brand, young girls, teens, and tweens can also prioritize sustainability, one first bra at a time. We care about sustaining the world your girl’s are growing up in as well as her confidence in it. Hence, our bras are eco-friendly and made with ethically-sourced materials. So, you need not worry about our carbon footprint. 

In addition to these perks, Bleuet’s reversible bras are very fashion-forward. These bras suit any mood or outfit. For instance, the Bleum racerback bra is reversible and has two colors. A young girl might choose to rock the bright side when she’s feeling bold or the neutral side when she wants to be zen. Thus, she can get six wears from three bras! Talk about a good deal!


Whether the young girl in your life is just starting her journey into womanhood or navigating the exciting path of adolescence, Bleuet's reversible bras for girls, tweens, and teens provide the perfect blend of comfort, style, versatility, and sustainability. These bras are the celebration of her unique journey, so she can bloom and grow in them!