Our Active & Dance Bras

Our Active & Dance Bras

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Young girls, teens, and tweens often have lots of extracurricular interests like soccer, badminton, volleyball, music, dance, etc. For developing girls, exploring these interests can be uncomfortable, especially with the wrong type of training bra. This is where Bleuet comes in. 

At Bleuet, we understand the unique needs of growing girls. We're all about celebrating each growth stage and providing the right amount of support. This is why we've designed bras to accommodate the physical changes of pubescent girls and allow them to explore their passions with ease. Thus, our collection of dance bras seamlessly blends functionality with comfort.

Bleuet’s dance bras are engineered for all types of movement, making them perfect for those pliés, pirouettes, any choreography, or even some fun twirling in the living room. They're designed with a snug, but non-restrictive fit, ensuring the utmost comfort during lengthy dance practices and performances.

Take, for instance, our Bleum Bra, a dance favorite for teens. Its moisture-wicking fabric offers a smooth and seamless fit that ensures her dance sessions are uninterrupted by discomfort. Its added layer of padding offers discretion and added support. The fit of our dance bras are so comfortable and light that your girls might even forget they have them on. 

Another crowd-pleaser is our Racerback Bra. This bra is designed with lightweight, breathable material and offers snug support without compromising style. Its adjustable straps and removable pads allow for a customized fit that grows with every girl, making it a reliable partner for every young woman’s dance journey.

One thing that sets our dance bras apart is the attention to detail in every stitch. We use a combination of soft, high-quality fabrics that are soft to touch and durable, meaning they'll withstand even the most energetic dance routines. They're also free of unnecessary underwires, tags, and seams that cause chafing and discomfort.

Finally, at Bleuet, we believe confidence and self-expression shouldn't be limited by size or age. That's why our dance bras come in an inclusive range of sizes to fit girls, tweens, and teens of all shapes and stages.


At Bleuet, we're not just about the product but about creating a community. We strive to empower girls and promote body positivity while celebrating each stage of development. This way, we create a safe space for girls to express their personality freely and grow into their most authentic selves.