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 The greatest stories begin with a comfortable outfit, and when it comes to your tween girl’s sports and active pursuits, comfort and support are everything. Developing girls experience multiple growth spurts, and as guardians, you’ll find yourself frequently purchasing undergarments to ensure her peace of mind. What if there were options that accommodate growing girls' needs without compromising quality, fit, support, and comfort? Luckily, at Bleuet, that’s our mantra. 

Bleuet has an extensive collection of sports and active bras that cater to the needs of growing girls who are physically evolving and transforming into strong and confident women. You'll find bras, shorts, and camis of different designs in this collection. Each item is made of breathable and lightweight materials that wick away moisture, ensuring your girls stay dry, cool, supported, and comfortable during all types of motion. With the exceptional support our sports and active bras offer, your girls can enjoy diverse sports and activities like dance classes, soccer games, gymnastics, and more. With Bleuet’s sports bras, they can move freely without any constraints.

Remember, young girls are still growing, so a flexible and snug fit is crucial. Our bras are designed to grow with them. With adjustable straps, no underwire, and a stretchy band, you can ensure the bras fit perfectly, even as they grow. In addition to functionality, our sports and active bras are designed to inspire the developing young woman in your life. They come in vibrant colors and unique prints that reflect her personality and match her energy. From ballet to basketball, track meets to dance classes, these bras are not just about comfort and support; they are a statement of her individuality, enthusiasm, and courage to dream big.


Navigating the world of sports and activities can sometimes be challenging. However, with the right support, it becomes an exciting journey of self-discovery and growth. At Bleuet, we are here to ensure every young girl’s journey is as comfortable and inspiring as possible. We don’t want anything to hold her back, especially the wrong bra. Dive into this sports and active bras collection for girls, tweens, and teens, and help your girl become the strong, active, and confident woman she’s destined to be!