Your Story Matters to Her

Your Story Matters to Her
Every story matters. Just as both Viola Davis & Brene Brown say in Braving the Wilderness. Your story matters. And it matters to your daughter. ⠀

Do you share it? Have you shared it?⠀

In one of my favorite parts of the book, Brene interviews Viola Davis as an example of someone who demonstrated inspiring courage in the face of pain. She truly has braved the wilderness in her life and lives by saying:⠀

This is who I am.⠀
This is where I am from.⠀
This is my mess.⠀
This is what it means to belong to myself.⠀

Thank you to Brene & Viola for reminding us to be vulnerable and to share our messy stories with our daughters. They need this. And perhaps we need it just as much. 💜⠀

(Side note: yes, this is one of the books in my #MothersDayGiveaway (see my Instagram post on 5.2.19) which closes tomorrow. Such a great read!)

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