You Have Come Along Way

You Have Come Along Way
It's that time of year when you marvel at how your kid has grown and changed throughout the school year. It's often evident as you compare pics of the first day and the last day (I'm seeing lots of these photos in my feed right now). ⠀

Have you noticed a change in your girl from start to finish of this school year? Maybe she got taller. Maybe she is more poised. Maybe she started showing signs of puberty. Maybe she seems more responsible. Or more independent. Or less emotional.⠀

My 4th grader got a lot taller & now seems like a really big kid. She's also a lot more responsible. My 7th grader can now express her feelings in a better, healthier way. These are just a few things that I've noticed, and I've told them so. ⠀

What do you see? What are you recognizing in her from this past school year?

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