You are More.

Inspirational quote for tween girls. You are more than what you see in the mirror.

You and I know this but it is quickly forgotten in the everyday: Beauty isn't defined by how you look. By how your daughter looks.

It's important for us to believe that we are MORE than how we look on the outside and reminding our daughters that they are MORE. How do our words and actions teach them this?

When I complain about my weight or the new spots on my face, I know my girls don't hear MORE. When I focus too much on their appearance, choosing the perfect outfit, etc., I know they don't hear MORE.

I caught myself yesterday telling a little girl that she "looked so pretty." UGH. It is so ingrained in our culture to say these things, which puts more and more emphasis on outer appearance. How can we talk to little girls in a way that they learn they are MORE than their outside beauty? Help with our Download EMOTIONS

How can we teach boys to value MORE in girls than their looks?

I wish we could all turn this around and take the focus off our looks. Just a little #MondayMotivation for us all.

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