Where to Buy a Good Bra for a Teen: Your Ultimate Guide

Where to Buy a Good Bra for a Teen: Your Ultimate Guide

Growing up comes with many exciting milestones, and buying the first bra is one of them. It's a symbol of the beautiful journey from childhood to adolescence. But where do you find the perfect bra for a teen? The task may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. Let us be your compass in this journey, guiding you to the best destinations to find the right bra for your teen. 

It's not merely about bra shopping; it's about celebrating growth, fostering self-confidence, and embracing the vibrant changes that come with becoming a teen. This guide will illuminate the path, making this unique experience not only simple but also positive and empowering. Get ready to explore the best places to buy a good bra for a teen, ensuring that this significant stage is as joyous and memorable as it should be.

1. Best Overall: Bleuet

Bleuet isn't just a brand – it's a community for young girls starting their journey into adolescence. We know that buying your first bra is a big deal, so we want to make it as fun and easy as possible.

Check out our collection! We have the Bleum Bra, a training bra called "the best bra ever," and the soft Aster Organic Bras made from comfy cotton. There's also the Iris Modal Soft Cup Bra, perfect if you want something light and gentle. If you're into sustainable choices, you'll love our Bleum Bamboo Neutral Bras. And for the sporty girls, our Bleum Racerback Bras or Bleum Active Bras are must-haves. Plus, many of our bras have this cool two-way color, reversible feature that lets you switch up your style.

Also, we have inclusive sizing at Bleuet. We have sizes from 8 to 24 because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And with our range of neutral colors, you're sure to find one that looks amazing on you!

We also care about our planet, so we have several earth-friendly options. When you purchase these styles, you're also making responsible decisions and taking care of the environment as well.

And shopping should be fun, right? So, if you're not 100% happy with your purchase, you can easily return or exchange it. And guess what? Opening your Bleuet package is like a mini-party. We've made it extra special to celebrate this new chapter in your life.

Choose Bleuet, and you're choosing comfort, style, and a brand that gets you. Here, you're not just buying a bra – you're becoming part of a community that's all about supporting each other. So come on in, and let's start this exciting journey together!

2. Best for Variety: Target

As a prominent retail corporation, Target is known for its broad range of products, including an extensive selection of bras suitable for young girls. Their collection spans various styles and sizes, ensuring a fit for all body types. So from sports styles designed for active days to training styles for those new to undergarments, Target provides a variety of options. The quality of their products, along with the choices they offer, positions Target as a dependable pick for undergarment shopping. Their commitment to providing value for money ensures that customers are making a wise choice for both comfort and style.

  • Website: https://www.target.com/
  • Contact: guest.relations@target.com.

3. Best for Luxury: Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a global brand known for its range of bras, which are also suitable for young girls. The brand's collection is wide, offering bras and bralettes in a variety of colors and sizes that cater to a broad customer base. More specifically, their offerings span from lightly lined bras to push-up bras and bralettes, each designed with the brand's signature attention to detail. Also, Calvin Klein's selection is crafted with a focus on balancing ease and self-assurance, a testament to the brand's commitment to quality. 


  • Website:  https://www.calvinklein.co.uk/
  • Contact: calvinkleinonline@email.ck.com

4. Best for Body Positivity: Aerie

Aerie, a subsidiary of American Eagle, has made a name for itself with a collection of undergarments that harmonize a sense of ease with utility. Aerie's diverse product range offers a variety of options to cater to different needs. The brand's commitment to promoting body positivity and inclusivity is also reflected in their product line, which includes collections like 'Sunnies,' 'Show Off', 'Superchill,' and 'Smoothez.' Simply, each collection is designed with a specific purpose, making them a popular choice for those seeking a body-positive approach.

  • Website: https://www.ae.com/
  • Contact: 1 (888) 232-4535

    5. Best for Sustainability: Parade

    Parade is a brand that stands out for its commitment to sustainability. Their bras are made from recycled fabric and come in eco-friendly packaging, reflecting their belief in the importance of protecting our planet. They offer an assortment of styles, all designed with responsible materials without compromising on comfort and fit. This commitment to the well-being of the environment, combined with their stylish and comfy undergarments, makes Parade a good choice when looking for first bras for young girls. 

    • Website: https://yourparade.com/
    • Contact: help@yourparade.com

      6. Best for Affordability: Walmart

      Walmart, one of the world's largest retail corporations, is renowned for its commitment to affordability. Hence, the key aspect that sets Walmart apart is its dedication to providing value for money. This remarkable commitment is reflected in their competitively priced product range, which does not compromise on quality despite its affordability. For those seeking cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality, Walmart emerges as a prominent and viable choice.

      • Website: https://www.walmart.com/
      • Contact: ethics@walmart.com

      7. Best for Active Lifestyles: Athleta Girl

      Athleta Girl, a brand dedicated to active lifestyles, offers a range of training bras and sports bras that are designed to move with young girls. Their range is tailored to provide support during physical activities, reflecting their understanding of the needs of active individuals. Moreover, Athleta Girl's bras are not just about functionality; they also incorporate style, ensuring that young girls can feel confident while being active. Their focus on promoting energetic lifestyles and providing suitable undergarments makes them a distinct choice for those who lead dynamic lives.

      • Website: https://athleta.gap.com/
      • Contact: 1 (877) 328-4538

      8. Best for Inclusivity: TomboyX

      TomboyX is a brand that champions diversity and inclusivity. Their bras are designed to fit all types of bodies, reflecting their belief in self-assurance and body positivity. They offer numerous choices, from soft bras to fashionable bralettes, all designed with quality fabrics and silky smooth bands. It also features sports bras designed for a sense of ease during physical activities. In addition, they also offer seamless bikini and brief options crafted from high-quality fabrics. By endorsing self-love, TomboyX' is on a mission to redefine norms for young girls.

      • Website: https://tomboyx.com/
      • Contact: help@tomboyx.com


      Choosing that first bra for a young teen is like opening a new chapter in her life, filled with adventures, discovery, and plenty of excitement. However, this step is more than just picking a garment – it's a heartwarming rite of passage, a celebration of growing up. This moment is all about her, her transformation, and her blossoming self-confidence. With this guide in hand, you're all set to join her in this beautiful journey, finding the perfect bra that embraces her unique style. Here's to creating precious memories and making this significant milestone a joyous one!


      What age should a girl start wearing a bra?

      There's no specific age when a girl should start wearing a bra; it largely depends on her physical development and personal comfort. Typically, girls begin to wear bras between the ages of eight and 14, when they start to develop breasts.


      What happens if you wear an underwire bra too early?

      Wearing an underwire bra too early can lead to discomfort and pressure on developing breast tissue. It's generally recommended for girls to start with soft, non-wired bras like training bras and transition to underwire bras when they're older, and their breasts have fully developed.


      What is a training bra?

      A training bra is a lightweight, non-wired bra designed for girls who have just started developing breasts. It provides minimal support and serves as a comfortable introduction to wearing bras, helping young girls transition into more structured bras in the future.

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