When Should You Get a First Bra: Navigating the Bra-Venture

When Should You Get a First Bra: Navigating the Bra-Venture

Imagine stepping into a whole new chapter, filled with moments that make you giggle and moments that make you blush. Yes, we're talking about your first bra journey – a sprinkle of awkwardness, a pinch of excitement, and a whole lot of 'wow, I'm growing up!' This can seem like a roller coaster ride for you and your mom. But here's the good news: you're not alone. 

This guide is your friendly sidekick, ready to lend a hand (or a strap) in understanding when it's the right time to start this adventure. We'll share the secret signs your body gives you when it's ready, explain how to take those first measurements and give you tips on what to look for in your starter bra. 

So buckle up, and let's turn this bumpy ride into a confident stride into womanhood, creating an experience that is as comfortable as the perfect fit!

Recognizing the Right Time

Your entry into the exciting world of bras can be a different story than that of your friends or sisters because guess what? Every young woman grows at her own pace, and that's perfectly okay. You might start feeling the need for a little extra support when you're as young as eight, or perhaps it won't cross your mind until you're in your late teens. On average, many girls begin to wear one around the age of 11, but it's crucial to remember that averages don't determine when it's the right time for you.

Several signs may suggest it's time to take the plunge into the world of bras, and these can be unique to each individual. To help you recognize your own ‘bra-dar,’ we've broken down these signs into easy-to-understand points:

  • Physical Development: As your body starts to change, you might notice that your chest is beginning to grow. This is often the most noticeable sign. Your shirts might start to feel and fit a little differently than they used to, and that's when you know you might need to consider getting your first bra.
  • Peer Influence: If you find yourself in the locker room noticing your friends have started wearing bras, you might wonder if it's time for you to do the same. This is completely normal, and peer influence can certainly play a part in this decision. However, remember, the choice should ultimately be about you, not about keeping up with others.
  • Personal Comfort: This factor is incredibly important and often overlooked. If you're starting to feel uncomfortable doing physical activities like running, jumping, or even walking quickly without some extra support, it's likely a sign that you're ready to start your own journey. Again, don't overlook the need for comfort in your everyday activities, as this is a significant indicator of when to get a bra.

The Importance of Proper Measurement

The first steps involve not only recognizing when it's time to start but also knowing how to secure the right fit. Think of it like a pair of sneakers. You wouldn't want to run in a pair that’s too loose or pinches, right? Similarly, an accurately measured bra is key to providing the support and comfort you need.

Even though you might be new to this, you don't necessarily need a professional to get the correct measurement. Our comprehensive guide on How To Measure For a First Bra can help you understand how to measure yourself. This isn't just about finding a comfortable fit right now but also about learning to keep track of your measurements as your body changes – especially during these dynamic teenage years.

Bleuet: Your Ally in the Adventure of Growing Up

As we have been saying, choosing your first bra is a big deal! It's a rite of passage, a nod to the amazing changes your body is going through. At Bleuet, we're here to turn this milestone into an empowering adventure.

We're more than just a brand; we're your trusty sidekick, cheering you on every step of the way. Our mission? To create thoughtfully designed undergarments that celebrate your individuality. We champion body diversity, offering an inclusive size range from 8 to 24 and a variety of neutral skin tones. Plus, our bras are crafted from organic, sustainable fabrics, reflecting our commitment to ethical fashion.

Simply, at Bleuet, we're all about making sure you feel good in your skin. That's why we offer free returns and exchanges, ensuring you find the perfect fit that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

Now, let's explore the different styles of bras you can find on Bleuet: 

Seamless Bra

Our Bleum Bra is a seamless bra that's the ultimate choice when it comes to maintaining discretion under your clothes. Expertly designed with no visible seams, it's virtually undetectable even under form-fitting clothing, making it perfect for giving you a relaxed and stylish fit.

This bra boasts an ultra-soft, double-lined fabric for smooth coverage. The minimal seams and tag-free design enhance the overall wearing experience, while the colorful and reversible feature adds a fun element to your everyday wear. Moreover, the adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit, letting you wear it all day with absolute confidence. It's no wonder it has been called ‘the best bra ever.’

Soft Cup Bra

For those just beginning their bra journey, our Iris Soft Cup Bra is a wonderful choice. It's designed to offer light support, typically without the use of underwires, leading to a natural and relaxed feel.

Taking inspiration from the elegance and softness of an iris blossom, this bra is crafted with ultra-soft, sustainable TENCEL™ Modal fibers and Spandex Jersey. The result? A relaxed fit that's excellent for girls who are further along in their development and require a bit more security and coverage. Plus, the added feature of removable padding allows for customization based on your needs.

Padded Bra

For those seeking an enhanced shape and a touch of extra coverage, our Bleum Petal Padded Bra is an excellent choice. This upgraded version of our best-selling Bleum Bra not only instills a sense of security for those conscious about their developing bodies but also features padding sewn right inside for a secure fit. Plus, the soft, reversible design adds a dash of versatility to your everyday wear, allowing you to confidently embrace your journey through development. The moisture-wicking performance fabric ensures you stay comfy and worry-free throughout the day.

Sports Bra

For active girls, our Bleum Active Bras are more than just a sports bra. They're your stylish, supportive allies during strenuous activities, effectively limiting breast movement and ensuring you stay comfy throughout. Designed with a soft, moisture-wicking performance fabric, these bras seamlessly blend with your favorite shirt, jersey, or tank, adding a dash of style to your energetic lifestyle. The minimal seams, tag-free design, and double-lined construction ensure a perfect fit to eliminate any potential discomfort. And with adjustable straps, you can dive into your active pursuits without any worries. 

Cami Bra

Our Bleum Cami Bra, blending the coverage of a camisole with the snugness of a bra, is an ideal choice for those new to wearing bras. Its ultra-soft, double-lined fabric ensures a smooth fitting, while its colorful, reversible design lets you express your personal style and preference. Especially suitable for those with longer torsos or a preference for a longer-length bra, it's also suitable for everyday wear, whether under a shirt, jacket, or as a standalone crop top in warmer climates. Simply, this unique piece transforms your wardrobe, combining function with a touch of fashion.

Racerback Bra

If you're looking for a bra to wear under a sleeveless top, then our Aster Organic Racerback Bra is an ideal choice. Its unique 'Y' shaped design ensures the straps stay securely in place, providing superior support for various activities. The wider band enhances this stability, catering to both active and relaxed environments. What sets this bra apart is its eco-friendly, reversible construction, combining functionality and sustainability into one piece. 

Aster Organic Tank Bra

Our Aster Organic Tank Bra is a comfortable piece designed for all-day wear. Crafted from ultra-soft organic cotton and TENCEL Lyocell, this bra is gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly.  One of the standout features of the Aster Organic Tank Bra is its comfort stretch band, which provides extra support without the need for elastic straps. This design element adds to the overall ease of wear, making it suitable for various activities, including sports.


Starting the transition into wearing bras is a key milestone, a unique path marked by personal growth and self-discovery. It's not merely about physical development or peer influence but personal comfort and confidence. Understanding your body, learning to measure for the right fit, and choosing the perfect style makes this path less daunting and more empowering. With Bleuet, this transition becomes an engaging, easy, and style-forward experience. Ready to embrace the change? Bleuet is with you every step of the way!


What is the two-finger rule for a bra?

The two-finger rule for bras is a simple test to check the correct fit of a bra band. It suggests that you should be able to slide two fingers under the bra band. With Bleuet's range of adjustable and versatile bras, achieving this perfect fit is easy.


What is the difference between a training bra and a regular bra?

The main difference between a training and a regular bra is in their design and purpose. Training bras are typically simpler, designed for younger girls who are just starting to need some assistance and coverage, while regular bras are more complex and designed for fully developed women.


When should I switch from a training bra to a regular bra?

The transition from a training bra to a regular bra depends on your development. It's generally time to switch when you start needing more support than a training bra can provide. Bleuet's bras are designed to cater to these evolving needs, ensuring that the switch is smooth and easy.

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