What Do You Want to Remember about Summer 2021?

What Do You Want to Remember about Summer 2021?

What Kind of Summer Will You Have?

Summer 2021 is almost here!! And we are full of hope that this summer will be better than the last! 

If you and yours want to set some summer intentions, we have created this summer worksheet to help guide your family in thinking about the summer you want. Last summer, we printed one of these out for each family member to complete and then compared our answers. It was a great family conversation, and we kept it as a loose guide for the rest of the season. Download here! 

**One tip from parenting coach Darlynn Childress of Becoming Calm Mamas:

"For this summer, I've posted the question, 'At the end of the summer, how do I want to remember feeling about myself and my kids? What are the emotional memories I want to make?" 

This question helps my brain think BEYOND the facts and details and helps me remember to chase the feelings I want to have." 

I do know one thing: I am going to SAVOR this summer like no summer ever! Here's to a wonderful, joy-filled summer for you and your family! 




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