Tips for Buying Her First Bra

Tips for Buying Her First Bra

OK, it’s time for her to shop for her first bra. So where to start? What type of bra does she need? 

A first bra should provide a comfortable layer under her top to make her feel:

  • Supported - While she won’t have much there, you’ll still want to find a first bra that offers support and helps her feel comfortable doing a wide range of activities. Breasts are often tender as she grows, so she might notice some discomfort and the support from a first bra will help her. 
  • Covered - You want to find a first bra that offers good coverage. Many first bras on the market are just one thin layer while others have two layers.
  • Confident - You want her to feel confident with whatever she wears (even in white t-shirts or thin tops), and a first bra will help if she is feeling self-conscious about her new breast growth.

Bleuet’s first bra for tween and teen girls is designed to give girls comfort + confidence. With two layers and adjustable straps, she will have the coverage and support she needs. Our first bras are made of super soft, performance heather fabric, which keeps girls cool, dry and prevents embarrassing sweat stains.

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