The Quiet Goodbye

The Quiet Goodbye
Two weeks ago, we said a quiet goodbye.⠀

To holding hands while walking to school⠀

To games of tag on the yard⠀

To playing Capture the Flag⠀

To rug circles⠀

To sweet school performances & assemblies⠀

To story times⠀

To teacher hugs⠀

To chats at morning drop offs & after school pick ups⠀

To lunchtime games⠀

To small hands making Mother’s Day crafts⠀

To volunteering in the class.⠀

A decade of our life passed by in a moment.. And now, middle school and high school await.⠀

So without the normal fanfare, the loud, boisterous celebration with applause, without the shoulders of friends to cry on, without her moment on stage. And while the world raged and cried tears of injustice, our family sat together on a couch watching the virtual ceremony and said a sweet, quiet goodbye to elementary school. ⠀

To all of you parents, guardians, aunties, uncles, etc. who watched your kids graduate / reach a milestone, this post is for you. We've had so many emotions here. Raise your hand if this was you, too. Such a bittersweet time. Letting go is hard and letting go when there isn't any closure feels harder. Do you agree??

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