The Disappointment Jar

The Disappointment Jar

Ideas for Processing Disappointment / Sadness

Tweens and teens are missing out on so many things right now and there are lots of sad feelings about that.

Did you know that sadness becomes anger if it's not expressed?

There are some things we can do to help them process their disappointments and grieve the loss of normalcy.

 One idea: Create a Disappointment Jar

(from Darlynn Childress, The Parenting Path)


Lay out some pieces of paper & invite your kids to write down their disappointments. Write down, fold up and give to the jar to "hold."


Another idea from a friend: Posting Highs & Lows


Hang a poster board for "highs" and a board for "lows." Add sticky notes to celebrate wins on the high board and notes with disappointments / loss on the low board.


There's something about writing it down that helps to process the feeling, right?

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