Super Slime Sunday

Super Slime Sunday

It was a super slime Sunday here yesterday. For the slime-crazed tweens out there, this "Oobleck" slime recipe is actually pretty cool (and this is coming from someone who really doesn't like slime, the making of it, the cleaning up part, any of it!). With its cornstarch base, it goes from solid to liquid. And I am more "OK" with slime when it's an actual science lesson (see questions at the end).

Here is the recipe if you want to try.

Oobleck Slime Recipe


  1 Mixing bowl

  1 Spoon

  1 Measuring Cup



  Optional: Food coloring


1. Put about 1 cup of cornstarch in the mixing bowl.

2. Slowly add water to make a mixture, stirring as you go.

3. When the starch is all wet, it will turn into oobleck.

4. Add food coloring if you wish

Things to find out.

Explore the properties of oobleck:

  • Is it a solid or a liquid?
  • What happens when you place solids, like coins or spoons, on the surface?
  • What happens when you try to push your hand gently into the oobleck? When you try to push your hand hard and fast into the oobleck?
  • Pick up a handful of oobleck. Can you hold it?
  • Can you cut a ribbon of oobleck with scissors?
  • What happens to the properties of oobleck when you change the amounts of the two ingredients in the mixture? More water? More cornstarch?

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