Sometimes Confidence is Feeling Like a Normal Kid

Sometimes Confidence is Feeling Like a Normal Kid

Here is one of the best customer stories we have received 💗 about one very brave, precious girl:

This is Ella. She is 8 years old and loves to ride her bike, climb monkey bars and play anything outside with her siblings. Ella has been bravely fighting Pulmonary Hypertension her whole life and wears a heart pump 24/7. Ella was frustrated that she had to wear a backpack containing the heart pump all the time. Then, her mom discovered she could insert her heart pump inside our Bleum Racerback bra, so now Ella no longer needs to wear her backpack. See our stories for more pictures.

She told her mom, “Look mommy, I am a big girl just like you and now no one will know I have a heart pump.” She loves to feel like every other kid and not having to explain why she is always wearing a backpack 😭💗💗💗

We are filled with joy that our bras give this brave girl more confidence as she plays, bikes, etc. with her heart pump secured & concealed.

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