Shipping Update

Shipping Update

Dear Mamas, Dads, Grandparents, Guardians, Friends -  

I want to begin by saying that we're holding you in our hearts as we start this unprecedented school year. Starting school right now whether in person or virtually or homeschooling is a lot to process and manage no matter your circumstance / choice. We see you and know it's all a lot for each of you and yours. 

The last thing that we'd ever want to add to your list of worries is wondering when your Bleuet apparel will arrive. We  realize that many of you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your recent order and may be growing impatient especially if you wanted it for that first day of school. We are so sorry if your order is taking longer than anticipated. If that's you, you can track your package here.

We're currently seeing a significant increase in demand  (and very grateful!) like other online retailers as a lot of shopping moves online in this Covid world. This also means that our carrier, USPS,  is managing a huge increase in shipping volume. Unfortunately, we are seeing delays in certain areas across the country.

A few things we want you  to know:

-We strive to process your order within 24 hours of receipt.

-There are also tracking information update delays as packages take longer to move through USPS distribution facilities. 

-On average, it’s taking approximately 2 weeks for First Class Mail and 3-5 day for USPS Priority mail.  Again, here is where you can track your package.

-It is likely these delays will continue through the holiday season.

We hope this is helpful and know that we are doing our very best while trying to keep our team safe and healthy. While it might take a few extra days to receive your order, we promise the comfort and confidence from our apparel is worth the wait.

Much love,

CEO / Co-Founder / Mom

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