Sensory Friendly Bras for Girls

Sensory Friendly Bras for Girls

Bleuet's Bleum Bra is a sensory friendly bra for tween and teen girls. Created by a mom of a girl with sensory issues, we wanted to make the softest, most comfortable, itch-free bra for girls who are sensitive. Seams have been minimized, so they feel smooth against the skin, and our bras are tagless for comfort. 

We continue to hear from parents like this mom who were frustrated from searching to find bras that their daughters would wear until they found Bleuet. As this mom says, our bras are "perfect for the picky!" We also hear from parents of girls with skin sensitivities, sensory processing disorders, autism and scoliosis who love our bras and camisoles.

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  • Cheryl Bridgewater

    Hello, my daughter has severe SPD and is 10. She is very well developed for her age and we are really struggling to get underwear for her. Up until now she has only been able wear baggy sleep shorts for a couple of hours at one time! A sports type bra for maybe 30 mins and she has to take them off!
    She has been out of school for over a year now due to her uniform being unbearable but now we are trying to get back to school and no underwear is no longer an option!
    I really need help, if there is anything you could suggest I will gladly try it.
    I have wasted so much money on clothes that have never been worn!!

    Thanx for listening!

    Cheryl x

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