Send Kindness: Letters for Ivy

Send Kindness: Letters for Ivy

We are ALL about encouraging kindness amongst girls here at Bleuet, so we have decided to regularly feature a service project or idea to engage your tween or teen (and we are always open to suggestions from you!). Here's one for this week...

A friend of Bleuet told us about 8-year-old Ivy Hutchens in Basalt, CO who developed an unlikely friendship with her mailman who she waits for each day. It's particularly special because Ivy has autism and doesn't make friends easily, but Bruce has shown such kindness to her, and they both look forward to seeing each other each day. Watch the video of her story.

This story inspired us to send Ivy some happy mail, and then we thought some of your girls might be interested in  sending her a letter, too.

So let's send some kindness to Ivy!  #lettersforivy

Mailing Address:
Ivy Hutchens
111 Valley Ct.
Basalt Colorado 81621
United States

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  • Judy Doll

    This is a wonderful way to show girls that autism is not to be feared. I have a step daughter who is autistic and I really appreciate what your company is doing. I am looking forward to other projects. Thank you!

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