Our Why

Our Why

As we launch our first products, we want to give you our why:

We believe that all girls deserve more.

More confidence.

More options (especially when it comes to undergarments).

More freedom to do what they love.

More say.

More opportunities.


And we want them to see that they really are more.

More than what they see in the mirror.

More than how much they have.

More than what grades they make.

More than the number on the scale.

More than the number of likes.

Our business exists so they will be more and see more.

One way we will achieve this is by investing in disadvantaged girls and young women to give them opportunities for education and job training. A portion of each product purchase will go towards helping one of these young women take a step closer to her goals.

Because this mission is so integral to our business, we are diving right into supporting girls through EmpowHer Institute before we begin selling our products. This week, I will be attending Empowher Institute’s Girls to Greatness Teen Summit, which will give 300 of their Empowher Academy middle school girls exposure to a variety of career opportunities. We have sponsored two teen girls to attend the summit. It’s just one small step towards our goal of empowering all girls.

By putting our mission first, we want you to know exactly where our giving goes. When you purchase products from us, we want you to know that you’ll be giving another girl more, and you’ll get to be a part of her story.

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