No One Signed Up for This

No One Signed Up for This

No one signed up for this.⁠

On Friday March 13th, you didn’t wake up and think, “I have a great idea! Let me pull my kids out of school and teach them from home.”⁠

No teacher went to work last week thinking, “I’ve always wanted to be a virtual teacher so I’ll create an online curriculum tonight.”⁠ ⁠

Nope. None of this was planned.⁠

Doing something “right” takes planning ahead, thinking through obstacles, trial and error and a lot of practice.⁠

Any mom who has homeschooled knows it takes a long time to get a groove - and that’s when the decision is hers, when she wants to homeschool , and when the globe isn’t in the midst of a pandemic.⁠

Give. Yourself. Time.⁠
Give. Yourself. Grace.⁠
Give. Yourself. Cookies.⁠

It’s going to be ROUGH. And that’s ok.⁠

The most important thing right now is that you create a flow that works best for you and your kids. If a math sheet seems like a great idea and everyone is into it, go for it!⁠

If it’s “world war covid” to get your kid to practice writing her name and address on a piece of paper, skip it. There’s always tomorrow, or next week. Or August.⁠⠀

No teacher or school district leader expects you to do this perfectly. Your job right now is to keep your kids safe and keep yourself sane.⁠

Do that and everything else will work itself out.

-Darlynn Childress, The Parenting Path

Mom, coach and parent whisperer. She moves families from chaos to calm using The Parenting Path. Find out more about Darlynn on her web site at: or @DarlynnChildress on Instagram.

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