More than Just a Bra

More than Just a Bra

To you, this is just a bra.
But to me, this bra is much more.
It is actual, physical proof that I can do hard things.
This bra is courage.
It is pure determination.
It is something I figured out how to do even though it took over a year. (Everything really IS "figureoutable" as Marie Forelo’s new book tells us)
It is an answered prayer.
It is not letting my fear of rejection win.
It is taking a step forward when I went back two.
It is countless hours of work.
It is not giving up when I wanted to.
It is a mom’s love.
This bra is something that I built.

I wanted to say hi and welcome to our site. My name is Liz, and I'm the CEO and Co-Founder of Bleuet. Thank you for being here, listening & supporting. We're delighted to share our new business with you.

And I could not have done this without my taco-loving, technology ninja of a husband who is the great operator of all things including the website and probably on a chat with a Shopify app right now. And being raised in an entrepreneurial family laid the groundwork for me. Also thank you to the many friends who have helped along the way. 

Could I ask one favor of you: please share with your friends. We would be ever so grateful 💜

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