Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

Since one in five children and teens the ages of 13 and 18 have or will have a serious mental health illness, we wanted to give you some resources and mental health-related Instagram accounts we find helpful.

Here is a link to our Mental Health Resources blog post if you missed that one.

These accounts have great tips, inspiration and positive messages (especially helpful during this crazy time).


@life_coach_for_girls (life coach for tween girls)

@projecturok (mental health resources & stories)

@projectinspired (faith-based daily encouragement)

@brenebrown (author, speaker)

@calmbluewaterscounseling (therapist specializing in treating adolescent anxiety & depression)

@theanxietyhealer (anxiety expert)

@blessingmanifesting (self-care blogger)

@ichoosereal (daily encouragement / empowerment)

@amberrobinstands (practical tools for raising resilient kids)

@cultivating_resilient_teens (parent & teen coach)

@darlynnchildress (mom, coach & parent whisperer)

@whitneyfischmsw (lessons from a high school counselor)

@conquer_counseling (overcoming anxiety & self-doubt)

@thebravegirlproject (life coach for tween & teen girls)

@parentingmentalhealth (community for parents of young people with mental illness)

@eatingdisordertherapyla (eating disorders)

@trevorproject (crisis intervention / suicide prevention to LGBTQ youth)

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