Meet Reilly Cate Ferguson of The Trium Tribe

Meet Reilly Cate Ferguson of The Trium Tribe
Meet Reilly Cate Ferguson, a high school student turned disability advocate and non-profit founder of @theTriumTribe who joins our group of Bleuet Girl Entrepreneurs. The Trium Tribe exists to show love to children with Downs Syndrome who are facing life-altering experiences. ⠀

Through her volunteer work with individuals with Downs Syndrome, she met some of her closest friends who have taught her so much about uninhibited joy and never ending kindness ❤️ After discovering that thousands of children with Down Syndrome were abandoned and living in orphanages, Reilly Cate started The Trium Tribe by sending out a welcome home basket to a baby girl with Down Syndrome who had just been adopted from the Ukraine, and the rest is history!⠀

We've been incredibly inspired by Reilly Cate's heart and want to help her raise funds to help create baskets for children with Downs Syndrome who have been diagnosed with cancer. You can donate to The Trium Tribe via our "tip" donation when you purchase Bleuet products. Or donate via or Venmo/PayPal @thetriumtribe

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